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Sometimes a Sunrise, Sometimes a Pothole

I work in Kansas City on the Plaza. The Plaza is a majestic place in many ways. Great restaurants and great shops. Awesome fountains and cool architecture. And, as always, the Plaza lights are super cool from Thanksgiving to mid January.

About two weeks ago I arrived at my office, looked out the window, and saw a beautiful sunrise happening. A daily event that, unfortunately, we often take for granted. Sure, sometimes we stop and watch it. Sometimes it's cloudy and we can't see it. But too often we simply don't stop and take in the glory and beauty of a sunrise. The sun. Any closer to earth and we burn up. Any farther from earth and we freeze. Positioned just right. Positioned right there for us to see. Stop and take in the sunrise when you can.

But last week I was driving into the same office building. The same sunrise was happening. But on this morning I hit a pothole. This was not a normal pothole. This was a big league pothole. The type of pothole that when you hit it your tire pops. The type of pothole that when driven in to lights up your dashboard and tire pressure monitoring system lights. The type that rattles your head, your shoulders, and makes you utter a swear word. But the sun was still rising even though I slammed into a pothole.

I got pulled off and got a tow. Many cars today don't have a spare and nothing short of a tow was going to get me to the Acura dealer that day. But within three hours I had a tow, had my bride pick me up and take me to the dealer, had a new tire, new alignment, and off I went. And all for "free" because of the services I had through Acura.

So sometimes the morning screams sunrise, beauty, and the promise of a great day. But sometimes the morning screams pothole, flat tire, and the glaring prospect of a not so great day.

But whatever happens on any given morning, there is a sunrise. There is a pothole somewhere, too. So take it all in stride. If you wake up and the sunrise is the highlight, enjoy it and be thankful. If you wake up and drive into a pothole, that's OK. The sun is still rising and the tire can be fixed. Keep your eyes on the sun whether you can see it or not, even if you are following a tow truck!

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