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My wife and I just finished three concerts in six days! Lionel Richie, Sarah McLachlan, and Donny Osmond. One in their 70's, one in their 50's, and one in their 60's. As is often the case, many memories are resurrected when you listen to songs that were popular in the 80's and 90's. You recall times in your life like where you were working. You recall how little pressure there was in college in relation to your job now. Music has a unique ability to help us unite, help us remember, stay in the moment, but also to look forward. In terms of unity, each concert was packed with people and I'm certain there were a whole range of views on the serious issues of our day. Yet there we all were, all unified for a two hour period to listen, reflect, and enjoy some music. Music unites us. As I wrote earlier, it helps to look back to the times when a song was a hit. It helps to see we can make it and that we can move forward. It keeps us in the moment. For two hours, we were free. Free of problems. Free of thinking. Free to enjoy. Music, if listened to correctly, keeps us in the moment. And I think music challenges us to look forward. As I leave a concert, it seems that I am just more ready to take on tomorrow. To tackle problems. To solve issues. And that motivation spread across many people can influence, create, and enhance change. Change for the better. So take a look at what is coming to your community. What artists are coming? What concerts are scheduled? There are so many good venues to see live music - take advantage of it. And when you go, think about yesterday, think about today, and think about tomorrow. And try to bring the world a bit more unity!

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