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Fist Pumps

I grabbed a coffee and was eating breakfast at Panera the other day. I was headed to a client but not until 9 so was catching up on emails before I left for the client offices. As I was sipping a dark roast and looking out the window, I saw a man leaving the Panera with a huge bag of bagels. I imagine he was like me at times - taking some treats into his office to share with his fellow workers. The gentleman opened the back door to his car and just looked exasperated when he looked in. Apparently, there was no good place to put the large bag. He opened the trunk - still no good spot. He then returned to the back seat area and somehow repositioned, moved, altered and twisted things - and found a spot for his bagels. He closed the trunk. He closed the back door. And then, because this man had simply found a spot to transport his bagels - wait for it - he gave the world a fist pump. Do you hear that? A fist pump for finding an area to place a bag. Fist pumps are defined as "a gesture of enthusiasm, victory, etc., in which one raises a fist and thrusts the forearm quickly and forcefully forward or downward." This fist pump was Tiger Woods like. It was draining a birdie on the 18th win the Masters. It was Michael Jordan scoring 60 plus the final bucket to secure a playoff victory. It was Patrick Mahomes finding Hardman in the end zone in OT. It was the real deal fist pump. And so I ask each of us - do we find the small things in life that maybe deserve a fist pump from time to time? Routine things. Common things. Daily things. But those things can be amazing and worthy of a fist pump from time to time. Your dog greet you with a kiss and do circles because he's glad to see you? Give life a fist pump. You walk into the room and even though you kiss your spouse every day - you realize the precious gift that just happened and you give your world a fist pump. You eat a fried scallop sandwich in Maine that you can't stop talking about even though it happened five years ago? Give it an annual fist pump. You see a sunrise or sunset that confirms the questions you have about your faith? Give God a fist pump. Did you exercise for the first time in a while but only make it a half mile? Give yourself a fist pump. Are you able to smell the fresh cut grass? Do you have a close friend who is always there for you though you may seem them once a year? Do your kids enjoy antiquing and getting a cherry coke with you at Big Boy and hugging you when the Chiefs win the Super Bowl? If so, give this life a fist pump. So as you go throughout your day today - and every day - look for fist pump moments. They are more numerous than you think. They may even happen in the Panera parking lot.

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