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I Have No Words

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

This morning I was watching a report from Ukraine on the devastating war. An elderly woman, most likely looking 10 years older than she really was, told of the cruel acts she had seen. Rape. Torture. Murder. And if that was not enough, she has actually lost two sons since this brutality started. After she had explained these things and her situation to the reporter, she simply said, "I have no words." She had no words left. She had seen the terrible things done to her people. She had buried two of her kids. She had used up the energy in her body. She had used up the thoughts in her mind. And she had used up the words on her lips. "I have no words." I understand all of the arguments for and against the involvement of the United States of America. Valid arguments can be made to do more. Much more. Valid arguments can be made that we need to do no more than we are doing. Some make an argument that we have done too much already. But setting the military involvement aside, we should all agree that we are witnessing a humanitarian crisis. We have been since February. At what point do we do more? At what point do we do much more? No one has all of the answers. No country can fix this by themselves. But at what point will it be too late - when Americans will look at the situation and say - "I have no words"?

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