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Cheney and Manchin

It is somewhat amazing to me to watch the fighting between some in the Republican Party and an actual Republican, Liz Cheney. Because Liz Cheney refused to follow her party at every turn, she is being left out in the cold in some circles of her own party. Believe it or not, this is not a political blog post. Quite to the contrary. This is a post about being crazy. It is crazy that a major political party would eat its own like they are doing Liz Cheney. It is equally as crazy as I suspect that eventually the Democratic Party will eat Joe Manchin. But why can't people disagree with their party from time to time? It makes absolutely no sense when something is voted on and the vote is 51-49. There is no way in this world that you can get 51 people of the same party and 49 people from the other party to vote the same way. Clearly people vote along party lines most of the time. And how sad is that. Senators should see good legislation, or see bad legislation, and vote accordingly. It's not even plausible that all the men and women of one party see things the same way. No way. So I applaud Liz Cheney. I applaud Joe Manchin. Sure, there are times to stick with your party. And we need a strong Republican Party and we need a strong Democrat Party. That makes for good debate. It makes for better policy. And it makes for kinder people.

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