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A Friend

I have been blessed in my life to have true friends. From the very beginning - let's call that grade school - I have, simply, been surrounded by true friends. I have never felt that the quantity of friends was important; rather, the quality of the friend was what was of utmost importance. Today, one of those friends is having a birthday. We grew up together and first met at church. His name is Greg. Over our 40 years of friendship, Greg and I have not seen eye to eye on most things political. But that's OK. Our conversations are much more thought provoking when we don't agree. Can a person really be a great friend with someone who sees the political spectrum differently? Yep. Been doing it for 40 years. We've had some pretty good tennis matches over the years too. We'd play in college until the lights went out. And that is a literal statement. We would have been in each others wedding - but he decided to serve our country and was not available at my wedding. My wife and I decided to have a baby within three days of his wedding and I was not able to be at his either. We've played Pebble Beach. OK, it was the par 3 course, but we played Pebble Beach. We've been to all things MU, all things Royals, and watched the World Cup together when the women won it all a few years ago. We've played golf more times than I can remember. I often said Greg could get paid well by the golf industry if he could just replicate his "trick" shots. Problem was he could not replicate them because he had no idea how to! We've argued, laughed, and eaten a lot together. BBQ and Thai are the top choices when we're together. He lives in CA. I live in MO. We're different in many ways, but alike in more. So today I wish him a Happy Birthday and urge everyone, everyone, to find true friends. Not a lot of friends, but good ones. I'm glad I have.

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