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I attend many client board meetings. I love meeting with my clients and with boards of directors. I particularly love the missions that my non-profit clients have. I love the commitment they have to the community, to those that they serve, and the commitment they have to just make things better. I was at a client board meeting last week and the client serves kids in an educational setting as an alternative to the public school system where the kids have, for a variety of reasons, not reached their full potential. And this particular school has a school dog named Milo. Milo is awesome. Milo welcomes the kids and visitors at the door. Milo roams the offices and the halls. Milo is large but gentle. Milo is just plain cool. I arrived early to the board meeting and started to play with Milo. I love dogs, so I was having fun. As the head of school watched me playing with Milo, she aptly said, "We all need a Milo." And how right she is. We all need a person we can talk to. We all need that restaurant we can go to. We all need that family member we can turn to. We all need that team we can cheer for. We all need that friend we can confide in. We all need that vacation we can look forward to. So today, give some thought as to what your Milo is. Because we all need one!

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