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What do you consider to be a long time? Everyone has their own answer to that question. Does the answer change if I ask how long have you seen the same hair stylist or barber? As my grandmothers would say, beautician. Well, I saw my barber for around 45 years. He would have been 48 years old when I first met him. And I have been a loyal customer since. I always looked forward to the early Saturday morning or later afternoon visit. Early on it was a flat top. Then styled. Then a buzz cut. Then just whatever happened, happened. At 93, I knew his retirement was coming, right? In fact, we assumed retirement was coming for the last 20 years, but he kept plugging away. I could tell it was harder and harder for Bud to cut hair. I could tell it was time. I could tell he was nearing the end. One thing I have, I think, is a loyal heart. I simply could not bring myself to go to a barber except for Bud. He's retiring, my family would say. He's not going to cut hair forever, they would say. And I knew that. But today I saw it in print. I saw Bud two weeks ago and could sense it was coming. The time before I saw him he looked at me and said, "I sure have appreciated you over the years." Where did that come from? I thought at the time this is probably it. But I sneaked in one more visit. Yeah, I had to trim my hair up a bit afterwards, but I wouldn't go anywhere else. To talk about the Chiefs. To talk about the Royals. To talk about farming. To hear stories about his deceased wife. To learn about his experiences in the Korean War. Today the sign said that Bud was retired. That he was thankful for his loyal customers. That his health had deteriorated and he would no longer be there. The end of an era. The end of a relationship. The end of multiple relationships. Some might say it's odd to write about your barber. But if you don't understand this post then I hope you someday find a relationship with someone like Bud. Not a family member. Not a close friend. Someone you see less than twenty times a year. But yet someone who impacts your life. Someone you'll miss talking to and seeing and being around. Someone who will live on forever in your memories. Thanks Bud, I sure have appreciated you over the years.

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